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On this web page, you will find several links leading to interesting stories, facts, pool stages and other information about the Mississippi River.   Some of these links contain information that I've put together and others will lead you to web pages that I've found interesting.   Because some web pages and sites are constantly changing, you may find that a few of these links are no longer valid.   I will attempt to review and update this web page from time to time.

If you know of any other web sites that provide interesting information on the Mississippi River, contact me via email at glennglessner@adams.net and I will consider adding them to this listing.

Lock and Dam 21 Upper Pool and Lower Pool Information

Upper Pool level at Lock and Dam 21 - Quincy, Illinois
Lower Pool level at Lock and Dam 21 - Quincy, Illinois

Interesting Stories, Facts and Other Information about the Mississippi River

General Information about the Mississippi River
Historical Information and Facts about the Mississippi River

Why do we have Locks and Dams on the Mississippi River???

The Mississippi River and the Flood of 2001
The "Queens" of the Mississippi
The "Mississippi Queen" passing through Quincy in October, 2005...

The "American Queen" passing through Quincy on September 30, 2012...

A Trip Around "Quinsippi Island"
A Canoe Trip into Long Island Lake
A Fish Story...
Hogback Island

The Mississippi River and the BIG Flood of 1993
The Sultana - The Greatest Maritime Disaster of all time in America...

Lake Itasca to the Gulf of Mexico by Canoe, 2001

Other Internet Web Sites about the Mississippi River

Mississippi River Home Page at http://www.greatriver.com

Bridges of the Upper Mississippi - Cairo, Illinois, To Red Wing, Minnesota...
        Many very colorful Mississippi bridge pictures and other info - Authored by John Weeks

Rock Island Corps of Engineers Web Page

US Army Corps of Engineers Navigation Charts for the Upper Mississippi River

                    Chart 103 - River mile 324 to 332 - this chart covers the Quincy, Illinois area
                    Chart 102 - River Mile 332 to 338 - this chart covers LaGrange and the Long Island area
                    Chart 101 - River Mile 338 to 344 - this chart covers Lock & Dam 20 and the Bear Creek area

                    Map Aids to Navigation - This document will help you understand the items & markings on the above charts...

NOTE:    For more information on how the locks and dams maintain the river stage water levels, upper pools, lower pools, the effects of flooding and why our floods now are so much higher than they were many years ago, go to the following web page:

The Mississippi River and the Flood of 2001

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