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This web page lists some Internet links which provide more information and history about the early Glessners. Also listed are links to Somerset County, Pennsylvania, Sheldon and Waterloo, Iowa genealogy and history information. Because most web pages and sites are constantly changing, you may find that some of these links are no longer valid. I will attempt to review and update these links from time to time.

Should you know of other web pages/sites/links that contain information concerning the Glessner genealogy which could add to the value of this web page, contact me via email at and I will consider adding it to this web page.

Links to Glessner and Kimmel Family Genealogy...
Glessner Family Genealogy Forum
Black Hawk County, Iowa Genealogy and History

Black Hawk County, Iowa - Orange Township Cemetery Listing (A K)
Black Hawk County, Iowa - Orange Township Cemetery Listing (L Z)

The Kimmel Family Record Website

Links to Pennsylvania Information
Mother Bedford Web Site - Early history of Bedford County, Pennsylvania during the Revolutionary War
History of Somerset County, Pennsyvania...

History of Stonycreek Township, Somerset County, Pennsylvania
Some pictures of the Glessner Covered Bridge in Shanksville, Pennsylvania

Links to Iowa Information
Sheldon, Iowa Homepage

Sheldon, Iowa East Lawn Cemetery A thru D Information
Sheldon, Iowa East Lawn Cemetery E thru K Information
Sheldon, Iowa East Lawn Cemetery L thru R Information
Sheldon, Iowa East Lawn Cemetery S thru Z Information

O'Brien County, Iowa Genealogy Information
Sioux County, Iowa Genealogy Information

Hollanders of Iowa - An Iowa On-line Genealogy Book
The "Hollanders of Iowa" book was written in 1912 by Jacob Van der Zee. Many of the Dutch pioneers who settled on the Iowa prairies in the 1800s still had memories of those early days when they, their parents and grandparents opened up the wilderness in Marion and Sioux Counties.

The history of the Hollanders of Iowa typifies the development of the American West and the spread of the American nation. It is full of details characteristic of the large rural settlements of European immigrants in America.

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