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The following links will take you to Kiyoshi Kuboi's web pages where he has posted some of the photos he's taken on the many trips he's been on. Kiyoshi lives in Osaka, Japan. He's a very good friend of ours and has visited us here in Quincy many times over the past 15 years or so.

In September, 2004, he visited a mutual friend of ours who lives in Ghana and as always, he took a bunch of interesting pictures while there. The pictures taken during that trip are in the links below. Hope you enjoy them...

When you click on the links below, several small thumbnail pictures will start to appear, showing you small versions of the photos in the listing. It may take a while to load the complete listing of thumbnails, depending on the speed of your Internet connection.

Just click on the thumbnail picture you want to view and a larger, better quality picture will appear. After viewing the larger picture, you can go back to the thumbnail listing by using the "Back" button on your browser program...

Pictures taken during Kiyoshi's visit to Quincy and Chicago in the summer of 2004

Pictures taken in Ghana during September, 2004

Pictures showing some of the foods of Ghana

Scarborough in UK

York in UK

Beautiful and Colorful Hawaii in May & June, 2004

New York City, Miami, Western Caribbean cruise and Saltzburg, Austria
            Kiyoshi and his Mother took this trip in November, 2004

Another Hawaii Trip... This time to the Big Island - December, 2004...

From Cedar Rapids to Sheldon... My Iowa Trip in September, 2005...

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