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When I'm on the Internet and check the weather forecast for the Quincy area, quite often I look at some of my favorite weather places.   Some of these places are cities where my kids live.   Others, I like to look at because they have extremely hot and/or cold temperatures during parts of the year.   Some are just darn nice places to visit.   Here is a list of my favorite weather places:

    Quincy, Illinois
    Cedar Rapids, Iowa
    Sheldon, Iowa
    Canon City, Colorado

    Tucson, Arizona
    Phoenix, Arizona
    Reno, Nevada
    Las Vegas, Nevada

    Fairbanks, Alaska
    Honolulu, Hawaii
    Duluth, Minnesota

    Paris, France
    Osaka, Japan
    South Pole, Antarctica

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The Weather Underground Web Site allows you to create a list of your favorite weather places and add them as a Favorite or Bookmark to your Internet browser.   Many thanks go to them for part of the design of this web page.

The Central Region National Weather Service also has excellent information concerning Current Weather, Forecasts, Climate, River Stages, Flood Info and Storm Safety Tips on their web site.

I suggest you visit these two web sites and see what they have to offer:

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